merlinstumblr: I just wanted to say that you are really really beautiful with crazy awesome tastes. I read about your rare disease too. It was interesting... You are going to die from it? This makes me sad. Yet, sometimes having a short life can bring out the beauty in things in ways never thought possible to someone who believes they are going to live forever. I'm sorry, I don't know what I am talking about.

It’s okay, I know what you mean. I’ve thought about that sort of thing a lot and I think it varies to be honest. Sometimes it’s as you describe it, but sometimes it just makes you bitter as fuck and easily irritated by trivialities. It’s also meant I’m in a fairly unique position to be in my twenties having never made any plans - and that has come back to bite me on the arse in as many ways as it’s freed me from a sense of obligation to do this or that. Thanks for your sweet message :}

Anonymous: i want your face

You can borrow it when I’m not using it.

mymbley: Hope you are having a lovely glittery birthday! :)

Thank youuu~!

naughtilynautical-deactivated20: Oh my god. You are so pretty and cute and gjiafdsioew where do you get your clothes?

Ahhh, thanks!

I don’t get my clothes from any particular place, but mostly second-hand and charity shops. That’s my favourite way to shop, also, but I usually modify most things I buy - it’s the most fun way to dress!

zero-one-infinity: Attention: You have just been compassion-ed

Nooo! It burns!

snckpck: wow you're a babe. I finished the databend on your photo, it came out really cool !

You’re right, it did come out really cool!

You’re like a magician of data.

Anonymous: Lilly Allen I love your work!

Lily Allen’s my dad.

Anonymous: omg, teach me how to put up my hair like that. i'd love you forever <333333

If you mean my last photo, I could give it a go but actually, I didn’t put it up myself. It was done by a hair stylist for a shoot!

Plus any tutorials done by me would be really, really boring :-{D

kawaiisugoiotaku: you're number 95 on audrey kitching's easter inspirations. i'd give you a link but tumblr won't let me.

Found it! Thanks for letting me know, shame she can never be arsed with crediting any of her inspirations though, ain’t it?