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^ Can somebody please explain to me what the bloody hell the above means wot people keep captioning on my face

seapups: you've probably answered this loads of times, but what is the lovely eyeshadow that looks luminescent in that one picture?? the one where you talk about it being magical!

I’m glad you asked this because I accidentally deleted the asks of a couple of people asking the same! Oops.
It’s Topshop’s Chameleon Glow series :}

Today was a good day ♪

I’m not very good at makeup (or hair) but these eye shadows are MAGICAL

Fast fashion has gone too far this time

Glittery all over like a fictional modern day pop culture vampire. Thanks @lushcosmetics

Everyone and their mum has pink hair these days, but mine is now 10 years old! Here’s to another 10 years ay?