crystelene: Hey, how are you doing? Do you follow any skin care routines? Your skin is flawless!

That’s great to hear you say because actually I had terrible eczema, particularly facial, for the better part of a decade (I was actually allergic to onions and garlic). 

Other than ‘avoid all manifestations of onion and garlic’ I’m afraid my routine is about as basic as you can get - warm cotton flannel and moisturiser, exfoliate once a week (I have a Foreo). I’m happy to keep it as unfussy as possible after years of desperately trying everything to get rid of my eczema… 

notyourlorn: Oh my GOSH where are those shoes from?!!!!

A UK brand called Miista. The green ones are samples and never went into production but the opal ones (‘Zoe Opal’) should be online still. X

Consistently managing to somehow pull their shoe designs from another plane of existence, it’s Miista…



'Wolf and skeleton'. Ivory. Signed Chikuyôsai Tomochika. Smith-Lesouëf objet 82

Love the skeletons face

"What did you want to be when you were a child?"


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